We are located in Osijek-Baranja County, 4 km east of Bilje in Baranja along the edge of Nature Park Kopacki rit in the Village Kopacevo. Nature Park Kopaci rit is the oldest proclamed Nature park in Croatia. Osijek-Baranja County includes regions around the lower course of river Drava before its confluence into the Danube near Aljmas. On the north it borders with Hungary and to the east it border with Serbia.

Sometimes the whole village of Kopacevo was living from fishing, and the residents still keep the tradition of serving fish specialties every September, on the event Fishing days.

Camp Family is the first Baranja campsite that also offers camping in tents. Campers have access to kitchen and barbecue, children’s playground, toilets and toilets which are suitable for disabled persons,space for emptying chemical toilets, electricity and internet. In the kitchen, campers can cook and eat, and store their food in the refrigerator. There is also space for cooking goulash, fish soup, carp on fork and beans, traditional dishes from the area of Baranja.

Our friendly staff is available all day for any information, request, check-in and check-out.

Camp is pet friendly.